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Love sex and dating ed ainsworth

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Comparing emotional attachment to connecting is like comparing velocity to speed when driving a car. And having come across Attachment Theory I learned that there is a test you can take that reveals your attachment style.

I also love coming across studies, topics, or various forms of information on topics that are not talked about enough. As a mid 30’s single male living in Los Angeles I have certainly had my share of dates and brief relationships. See for a long time this has been me: But the second image didn’t make sense.

People struggle in dating, romance, and love daily. Thing is, I never understood why the relationships were short-lived. Maybe they are flying to the moon or on a time machine right and thinking of me or thinking of…us. I didn’t understand why the couple were together for such a long time…yet…always argued. For a relationship to maintain it’s longevity love has to hold strong through the good times and the bad.

In my opinion what ultimately revitalized all of the talk of Attachment Theory was when Amir Levine and Rachel Heller was published several years ago.

The book was ahead of it’s time (or behind however you want to look at it) because in addition to not wanting to staying politically correct about feelings in society, attachment theory also touches the deeper layers of human psychology that many of us are afraid to dare go near. My point is, postulated over 50 years ago by psychoanalyst John Bowlby, and recently revisited by developmental psychologist Mary S. So we have SECURE and INSECURE and we know under the INSECURE umbrella there are Anxious and Avoidant types.

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interweave in anthropological discourse has only sporadically been considered anthropologically intriguing.

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