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Plus, long hair will make your neck look shorter and add bulk to the shoulders.

Large belts and oversized, garish belt buckles will draw attention to your middle.

Sure, while the dudes with long legs can pull off almost anything they wear, it takes more than height to look good. To help you look and feel good about yourself, here are some popular fashion tips for short men: Want an immediate height boost?

When you have panache, charm, and a flattering outfit that suits your height, you can stand beside your tall friends proudly. Then why not take a look at famous guys who have it all like Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Radcliffe, and Kevin Hart. Shoe lifts are the perfect literal and figurative example of something that increases your overall presence.

Loose clothing does nothing to define the waistline.

Instead, the length of the shirt covers the waist and shortens the legs.

Long hair looks unruly, disheveled, and not put together.

When you wear a suit, make sure the button is above the navel. Wearing pants higher or lower than the waist will again shorten the lower extremities and will make you look shorter.

A lower placed button will make your torso look too long and your legs too short. Wearing pants this way is flattering and shapes the backside. You can wear V-necks to direct the eye from your legs; but make sure to pair this kind of shirt with well-fit pants or shorts at the appropriate length to achieve a lengthening effect. A suit jacket with no vents or creases will make you appear taller since it makes your shoulders broader as well.

If you must wear black, create some depth and lines with a harmonious combination of black, gray, and navy blue. Nothing makes a short man look shorter than an accentuated wide torso.

Even your arms and sleeves will be able to help you create an illusion that you are taller than what you are.

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Suits should show off even a small portion of the end of your sleeves; around ¼ to ½ inch would do.

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