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Plus-size women are more likely to attract male attention in cold weather months, possibly courting springtime heartbreak, according to a new survey by a leading plus-size dating app which blames recently-acknowledged “Seasonal Dating Disorder.” Woo Plus noted a 30-percent surge in male subscribers in November, leading executives to survey their female clients about winter dating.

The results indicate plump women draw more admirers in cold weather, only to experience breakups and heartache in the spring.

“SDD clearly has a biological basis.” Ashly is a Woo Plus member who feels victimized by SDD.

She met an apparently loving man and the two enjoyed an intimate and cozy winter.

Krista Niles, couples therapist and dating coach, created the Curvy Cupid Course in 2016 to help women of all sizes start writing their love stories.

Krista is a strong believer in the transformative power of love, and experienced firsthand the stuckness, discouragement, and hopelessness that can accompany dating as a plus-size woman.

Reminding a woman why you see her as fabulous can do wonders to boost her self-confidence and promote confidence in the relationship.

Communication is key to any relationship, particularly when it comes to dating.

How can you respond to diet-y comments with a different perspective?

Through the Curvy Cupid Course, she teaches a step-by-step intentional approach to dating that encourages perseverance and nurtures confidence skills -- even within a deeply flawed system of fatphobia and poorly-designed dating apps. What are some strategies for coping when you are surrounded by people who are immersed in diet culture? How can you call out diet culture in those moments?

How can you connect with the anti-diet community online?

“These innocent, loving women think their partner will care for them, but they end up being victims of SDD.” “The good news is that thanks to on sites like MSN,, the Independent and the Guardian, SDD is becoming better known,” Li said.

“The larger issue is men often fail to see past mere size and grasp true inner beauty of plus-size women.” Woo Plus is deploying Big Data resources and AI technology to add an extra layer of safety to the popular dating site to assure plus-size ladies are aware of the pitfalls of SDD-based relationships.

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Couples therapist and plus-size dating coach Krista Niles joins us to discuss statistics and misconceptions about body size and romantic relationships, how to navigate dating after being in a relationship with someone who says cruel things about your body, great strategies for creating a dating profile, what to do if you’re struggling to find a therapist, and so much more!

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