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Her head was under Amy’s skirt and as I watched Amy spread her legs and push her head back, grabbing Kaley’s head that was hiding under her skirt.

Kaley moaned out loud “MMMmmmm, cum for me Amy, come on my fucking face” as Amy’s came so hard that I thought she might just pass out.

In no time at all, I watched as Kaley slipped her tongue into Amy’s sweet mouth and then trail her kisses down her body.

Kaley jumped out of bed and opened the closet door the rest of the way.

I was unable to control myself as I groaned out loud.

she had been rubbing her hard clit against my cock with each stroke….

Kaley then slowly continued down her little “sister’s” body, stopping to kiss her belly button and then down lower.

I knew that Kaley was sucking and tongue fucking Amy.

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She leaned forward over my chest as she came over and over…

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