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From here the participants of the Cangrande Half Marathon will come straight in via Oberdan and arrive in Piazza Bra, to the finish line.

The runners of Verona marathon retrace Corso Cavour to Castelvecchio, Rigaste San Zeno till to the holy church dedicated to the “black bishop”.

To the left along the venetian walls of Circonvallazione Maroncelli, Vi a Scarsellin, Via Rosmini up to Corso Porta Palio.

From the sixteenth century, the Corso Cavour became the favored place of large families of Verona, that one by one they built sumptuous palaces (Palazzo Canossa at number 44 – Palace Muselli Pompei 42 – Carlotti Palace 2 – Palazzo Bevilacqua to 29 – only one of the major)The church of San Lorenzo -court inside-and the church of the Holy Apostles on a square side, complete the scenic view.

At the traffic lights turn right to Tomaso Da Vico, cross again the Adige on Ponte del Risorgimento to return through the riverside in Piazza Arsenale.

Still along Lungadige Campagnola and Ponte della Vittoria, back in via Diaz.

Several celebrities, such as NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, former New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi, the cast of "Supernatural" and Food Network chef Palak Patel, are also among the field.

Only one American male and one American female have won since 1988.

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It runs through the course to Porta Borsari, a majestic Roman gate dating from the first century AD, during the imperial era was the main entrance within the city walls, the Decumano.