Marine rules dating daughter dating rules for christian singles

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First of all, most Marines prefer a can or a Dixie cup.

After you haven’t been together for seven or eight months, all those things that annoy you about your hubby seem cute again… By the time he starts to get on your nerves, he will be gearing up for that next deployment. but man, oh man, there is something to be said about the attention (and marriage lovin’) you will get from your Marine after he has been sleeping in the sand next to smelly men for seven months!

As a Marine spouse, there is one thing for certain… Even if you are at one duty station for four years, it doesn’t mean you will stay in one house.

You may start off in base housing, then decide to move off-base.

And the people that have rented that house next to you will be foreclosed on and you will have to move to your parents’ house for six weeks with your one-year old while your husband is in Spain.

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But one of my favorite parts of being a Marine spouse is the mandatory honeymoon.