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The 31-year-old dropped the surprise news over Memorial Day weekend, telling People, “This is my second chance at love, at being happy, at a stable marriage, at having a family.”Reagan and her new husband, Reece Thomas, secretly walked down the aisle earlier this year.

The pair previously dated more than a decade ago and reconnected after Reagan’s split from Jeff.

Last June, Reagan and Jeff revealed that they were separating after six years of marriage.

In a statement to People at the time, Reagan shared, “Jeff and I have decided to separate and are devoting time to re-establishing a great friendship while focusing on personal growth apart…

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If you're a senior, and by that we mean anyone over 55, who's single and like to mingle, there are places in this country that make meeting a like minded partner easier than others.

We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.”In April, Bravo revealed that the couple is officially divorced. Reagan has found love again with partner Reece Thomas.

A quarter of all members are now in that age range.

I’m going to have a little person who I’m going to feed and raise. I’m so excited.”Reagan added, “[Reece] was born to be a dad…

He’s so good with kids and he’s got a dad hat on already.”Speaking of her relationship with Reece– whom she had previously dated years ago– , she shared, “We had instant chemistry; it was like no time had passed at all… ”This summer, she plans on starting her own practice in New Orleans with her father-in-law.

In ET’s exclusive first look at the season two premiere, the former couple explains why they went their separate ways.“How do I even begin to explain how things have changed in my life? “Almost a year later, the divorce is all but final.”“Jeff wanted a family, but there was no way I was going to bring a child into the world in that constant upheaval,” she says.

Check out the clip here: In a bit of a plot twist, Reagan’s in now remarried and expecting her first child, a baby girl.

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Obviously, love can come at anytime and anywhere, but why not hedge your bets?

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