Married sex and dating sites free Pinay free chat line

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Married sex and dating sites free

Men all over the country are paying to receive the same text.

The woman does not exist and if she did she could do a whole lot better.

All he cares about is that she is not too far to travel to, not bad looking, not charging and willing and hoping the woman is the local bike and not sensible enough to realise that if she meets such men she is risking her marriage, risking hurting her husband.

Nor that as a woman she could charge a lot for sex. In fact the married woman is better off meeting one of the young single men who are eager to meet her, who can fit in with her times and see her more often if it suits her.

Some of them are only interested in the guys who will pay.Many of these married guys - or guys who are living with someone in a committed relationship - would be undateable even if they were totally single.Some are so nasty that if a woman in a chat room, who is only there for a clean chat and not interested in meeting anyone, refuses to meet them they stalk them, calling them a whore, slut and all sorts.Having worked as a relationship expert for many years and written for magazines and newspapers about this a lot of it comes down to economics and money. But he does not love her, respect her or care about her so who cares? Nine times out of ten because he cannot afford to move out. If he paid women for sex he would be skint and if he moved out he would be in a tatty tiny room in the worst part of town, all alone, with nobody doing his washing and ironing, and not able to see his kids much.A man is bored with his wife, she will not give him enough sex or adventurous or kinky enough sex, or she is too worn out after taking care of the house and baby all day to look gorgeous and be sexy and inviting, so he wants more great sex. There is something cold and calculating about deciding to find a bit on the side,with no life, romance or friendship involved.

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She would be saving him a lot of money (OR does this man think that when he goes to a massage parlour, brothel or call girl the single ones charge and the married ones do not? And as women are usually seeking friendship and love as well as sex they would prefer the idea that their lover is faithful to them.