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Marshall dating serial number

When Townshend and Entwistle (among others) started asking for amps that could give more than a Fender Bassman (one of the most powerful amps at the time), Bran was the one who opened up a 5F6A Bassman (on loan from employee Mike Borer) and created a schematic from its guts to use as the basis for an entirely new amp.

With the demand for a new sound and the cost of importing amps from elsewhere, Ken was convinced they could and should produce their own.

For the first time, people could see a band live with hundreds of thousands of fellow fans and actually The legacy of Marshall amps doesn’t rest solely upon the 100-watt Super Lead, though.

Both channels used the same GZ34 rectifier tube on their way to dual 5881 power tubes, leading some tinkering guitarists to use a short jumper cable to engage both input channels simultaneously. By 1965 the Marshall JTM 45 Mark II was well known in London.The Selmer amps often broke down, so Jim hired a service tech.That person was Ken Bran, a former Pan Am aircraft engineer and musician.He entered the London music scene as a drummer, first gigging with a local big band and eventually giving lessons out of his house.As his number of students and desire to be a major drum dealer grew, it was clear he was going to have to set up his own shop.

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Technology always opens up new avenues for art, and the hundred-watt stacks pioneered by Jim Marshall were no different.

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