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Martiandating com

Your only hope is for the slow driver in front of you to pull over so you could drive on.The TT, Freezer and I were behind two cars stopped at an intersection.

The ones that ALWAYS end in disaster for the pursued. The only thing I learned in fact, from those numbing, plot-less, testosterone-aimed spectacles is, you attempt to outrun the cops.

Since neither of us is brain-damaged, we’re not giving that up. And to boot, Freezer has honor, integrity and uncompromising honesty.

We cherish what we have: All the good and none of the bad — there’s love, mutual guidance and laughter, but no expectation, disappointment, or encroachment. You might have met him as in A Love Letter, but from now on, we will call him Freezer.

A mix of green and arid canyon views surrounds us as we climb a steep trail.

She is one of the most beautiful girls I know — high cheekbones, poreless skin, the whole bit.

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There was nothing to do except grab a price sheet and walk inside the three-million dollar home for sale.