Matt39s internet dating rules pdf chat dating gay personals

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Matt39s internet dating rules pdf

Having your own wheels gives you control should the date go bad.The worst thing is to be reliant on somebody else for transportation as it gives them the control on how long you spend together and let’s face it, it’s safer to have your own car just in case. This may be obvious, but alcohol creates bad judgement and I have known too many women who have said yes to coming to my home after a few drinks.

If your answer is “yes”, I’m here to show you everything you need for your online dating.

Check in with your friend during the date or ask your friend to call you during the date to let them know how you are doing.

Besides, this can be used as an escape clause if you feel like the date isn’t going well: “Hey Jim, my friend needs me because of an emergency and we have to end the date.” Third, drive yourself to the date and drive home by yourself.

However, is it really worth taking the risk for the 1-2% who might be dangerous?

As your heart protector, here are some common sense safety tips when you think he’s different: First, meet in a public place.

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You need to guard your identity information when saying with an online friend who you just meet.

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