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Most Filipinos have the false belief that Spanish mestizos are supposed to look ...

well, Spanish: light skin, brown hair, aquiline noses, there's a stereotype that a Spanish mestizo is supposed to look like Enrique Iglesias, Bianca Araneta, Mico Palanca, or la hermosa Pilita Corrales and be extremely rich, but a look at historic pictures of real Spanish mestizos show really how much of a false belief that is, because Spanish mestizos look like "normal" Filipinos.

However, in some cases, if you’re looking for something specific – like a small amount of Native American or African ancestry, you, indeed, can confirm it through your DNA – and can confirm your family history.

In the context of ethnicity, what does unreliable mean?

” Speaking of Celts, they didn’t just stay put in one region within Europe either.

However, with their history of inconsistency and wildly inaccurate results, it’s hard to have much confidence, even when the current results seem more reasonable and in line with other vendors.

You're a Filipino mestizo, and you don't even realize it.

Many Filipinos are mestizos and have Spanish blood, most times even without realizing that they're mestizo because the thing is that some Filipinos have more European blood than others, and often, only those Filipinos (the ones who look more European) are referred to as mestizos, although in traditional Spanish speaking society, they would be referred to as castizos or criollos, while those with less European blood, although are mestizos, are never perceived as mestizos by Filipinos because of that strong social perception that equates being mestizo with having strong European looks and being extremely wealthy, which is never always the case as most mestizos, just by looking at historic pictures of the first mestizos in the Philippines, mestizos look like today's normal Filipino, meaning that many Filipinos are mestizos without even realizing it because of the social perception, and also because of the historical stigma associated with having Spanish blood out of marriage (las queridas), which happened a lot in Spanish colonies, and also in the Philippines, which would've urged many Filipinos to hide their Spanish ancestry in the past to avoid the social stigma of being la querida (mistress) or hijos de la querida (children of the mistress).

Now you probably understand why we say, to better understand Filipino culture, you should understand Latin culture, because the truth of the matter is, Philippine history books leave a lot of holes and questions unanswered that you could only find by reading books in Spanish or reading books about the Spanish colonial period in it's entirety instead of only books about the Philippines.

Pure-blooded ethnic Malays from which Filipinos are descended from don't have pointed noses or high nose bridges or light skin or big eyes and don't always have an eyefold (qualities which millions of Filipinos were born with and have in varying degrees), you just have to visit Malaysia or Thailand to see that (but don't be mistaken by the ethnic Chinese population and part-European population that dominate the celebrities, entertainment, and upper class there like many Filipinos are, you have to look at the indigenous population.

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However, his results likely reflect Native American from .

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