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Mlp dating sim newgrounds

It took a while for me to find out how to get through the game because it's definitely pretty hard.

I do like the animation though it's simple it's right on point. I started getting people coming to it and commenting on how the song was good and the game was great with the song.

The cut scene transitions were a bit long in seconds to as a supposed fast paced rpg read about.

I think you should do something else with the smae elements here but try to minimize certain things like slowness of the game. I'll be honest I was really curious why I kept getting notifications for this so when I clicked it I was mind blown. I won't lie though could have done with some more work into it but it was enjoyable.

It's a relief to play a game that contains a song that you made and to see it out there so I really thank you for this opportunity you gave me and of course everyone else as well. Honestly though I don't see the same concept anymore.

I also thank you for bringing the community an awesome game to play and I hope after I share this link my friends start to play this too. The objective of the game is to get to the moon or as high as you can get. I think the game could have done a little batter though.

It reminds me of Black series but without the stickman levels. Hell I'll be playing it again more often to kill time. Good game and would have been 5 stars for me but the game seems to have so much going on that it lags really hard.

I started this somewhere around when the whole "Alicorn Twilight" thing was announced. It's more like a meet n' fuck than a dating simulator.

First off I'd like to say this is an interesting yet very self thought game.

It takes brains to win this one and I barely had some haha.

If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely. oksobasically, this is not my first time playing this game. This is the first time something has gone wrong for me in this game. (Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.) PS: Whoa, I don't think the Creator who Made this game is Alive.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The microchip only appears near Derpy's tail AFTER it's 100% loaded. I'm still a rookie at this game developing shenanigans, and I'd love to hear your feedback. I tried to speak to pinkie one day while we were in the 'pals' stage, but then the text appeared to go really fast (to the point where I could read none of it) until I clicked the arrow. Please make a New version of this game that at least has Save Feature. I remember playing this like 5 years ago and remembered it recently.

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Is it just a trick of the light 'cause that image has shading while the larger one does not?

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