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More sedating

Since then a more enlightened family practitioner recommended an allergist, and it turns out I'm allergic to about a billion things, including the antibiotic I was on back in undergrad for acne.

As a psychiatrist, my experience is that patients prescribed hydroxizine abuse it far more than they do Benadryl, and many have similar side effects to those I experienced.

When I first went away to college, I had difficulties with pruritis.

My family practitioner at the time assumed it was "stress" from being away from home, etc.

A therapist suggested that I go on anti-anxiety meds. Instead, I adopted some cognitive-behavioral tactics and kept at them. If they could do that, there would be no anxiety or panic.

Medications are but a tool to reduce the level of anxiety/panic to the point that rational thinking can produce the needed solution.

Better to provide your patients with nonchemical solutions; teach them other ways to cope with anxiety rather than popping a pill.

Sedating someone into a nonanxious state is not doing them any favors.

Hope this is the right section for this question, so here goes.

The main difference is that the anticholinergic properties of benadryl prevent it from be use at the dose needed to achieve the antihistaminic effect seen with hydroxyzine.

And Hydroxyzine is mostly an antihistaminic with negligeable anticholinergia (so no anticholinergic delirium).

I ask this because I'm seeing more and more patients w/o insurance who would benefit from Atarax (my favorite anxiety drug) but would benefit even greater from a medicine that worked which could be bought cheaply OTC.

ntubebate The antihistamines that enter the CNS are sedating as a result.

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There's a distributor in Florida called "Anda" - you can but quantities larger than 100/bottle and my guess is Hydroxyzine 25mg will cost you less than 5 cents a dose and you can charge the patient whatever you wish (might depend on your state law, though). I do not know why but banadryl does not do anything for anxiety.

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