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This humorous but thoughtful and heart-warming tale takes audiences on a journey with Sadie from the fickle world of humans to the county landfill and the uncertainty of life on the street.

When Sadie refuses to accept that she has been abandoned by the family she loves, she enlists the help of an unlikely comrade—the most feared dog of all; the legendary Pit-bull named Snappy.

Snappy reluctantly agrees to lead Sadie back to the Fickle family knowing all along that she was dumped like trash.

On the journey home, Snappy takes Sadie under her paw, sharing her wisdom and friendship.

A alternate ending is provided should you choose to let your audience determine the verdict. Single-Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre.

Originally developed for touring to elementary schools with a cast of three playing multiple characters, "" where people watch Netflix and also talk in old-timey speak.Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. Along with the hardships and dreariness come the brilliance and joys that “A Christmas Carol” brings to the holiday spirit when Mankind is everyone’s business and the singing of carols and sharing of food and spirit lift our souls with the hope that charity thrives throughout the year.As in all the best adaptations, your audiences will both loathe and love Ebenezer and delight in his reclamation.This is a play your audience will remember and men of the cloth must never forget. Single-Use Copyright Fee plus Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Set early in the 20th century in rural Kansas, the Cleve’s house is filled with ghosts, both real and metaphoric.

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Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application. A Drama in Three Scenes by Dan Weatherer 4M Approximate Playing Time: 45 Minutes Winner of the 2017 Soundwork UK Playwriting Competition, this powerful and compelling drama delves deeply into the past of a seriously ill father.

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