Nation of islam dating

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Nation of islam dating

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code. His successor Elijah Muhammad established places of worship (called temples or mosques), a school named Muhammad University of Islam, farms, and real estate holdings in the United States and abroad.

We want the religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression. WE BELIEVE In the One God whose proper Name is Allah. WE BELIEVE in the Holy Qur’an and in the Scriptures of all the Prophets of God. WE BELIEVE in the truth of the Bible, but we believe that it has been tampered with and must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by the falsehoods that have been added to it. WE BELIEVE in Allah’s Prophets and the Scriptures they brought to the people. WE BELIEVE in the the resurrection of the dead–not in physical resurrection–but in mental resurrection.

We can find no other persons fitting this description in these last days more than the so-called Negroes in America. We believe the black man should be freed in name as well as in fact.

By this we mean that he should be freed from the names imposed upon him by his former slave masters.

We do not believe that after 400 years of free or nearly free labor, sweat and blood, which has helped America become rich and powerful, so many thousands of black people should have to subsist on relief or charity or live in poor houses. We want the government of the United States to exempt our people from ALL taxation as long as we are deprived of equal justice under the laws of the land. We want equal education–but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on the condition that the girls be sent to women’s colleges and universities.

We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.

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We want equal membership in society with the best in civilized society. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere.

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