Niche dating uk

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Niche dating uk

Now they have expanded to launch over a dozen niche dating sites that use the same technology to appeal to select groups of singles.

By targeting specific dating types, the Free And Single brand has grown to reach more singles and draw them in with the promise of a dating pool of like-minded individuals.

They can have a look around and see what’s out there by chatting with many types of people.

It offers them an easy way to cast a wide net and see what comes back.

Professional Free And Single, for instance, encourages high-caliber singles to abandon general dating networks and find solidarity fellow working professionals.

“The saying goes that opposites attract, but it’s the things that we have in common that keep us together,” Tim said.

The niche dating site has become a trustworthy resource for thousands of professionals hoping to meet people on their level.

General dating sites are great for singles who don’t know exactly what they want.

Some singles have a clear and specific idea of who their dream date is, and they don’t want to settle for anything less.

“That’s why these niche brands came about, and their success is testament to that philosophy.” Professional Free And Single has members living in the UK, the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and it’s always growing its reach.

Its tools appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations.

And maybe the particular attribute they’re interested in — such as lifestyle, education, or family goals — isn’t in the search filters.

Professional Free And launched in 2012 to help single professionals screen undesirable dates by focusing on a dating network tailor-made for them.

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Tim’s wife Paula oversees the in-house customer care team based in the UK.

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