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Excuses You might make up some excuses in order to get out of going on a date; washing your hair, cleaning out the fridge or keeping your promise about playing scrabble with the cat.You might also move make up some excuses about not writing some more of that new story; you need to tweet random stuff, you are desperate to pick fluff out of a jumper or you need to keep your promise about turning the cat into a star on Instagram.Unrealistic Expectations When you start dating someone you might have a head full of unrealistic romantic expectations; your date will definitely be ‘the one’, they will be perfect in every way and you will be living together in sweet harmony within a few months.When you start work on a new story idea you might have a head full of unrealistic expectations too; you will write it in a matter of weeks, literary agents will be fighting each other to get their hands on it and your book signing event will definitely need some form of crowd control.Heartbreak Cafe (working title) has just been submitted to the RNA New Writers Scheme so I need something to keep me out of mischief.Coming up with an idea for your next book or story is not easy. You spend ages twiddling a pencil while at the same time trying to think of an idea.When you start story hunting you have a vague idea about what it is you are looking for.

After date 2 you could both be considering booking a spring mini break together and by date 4 you might run for the hills at the mention of a long weekend in the other’s company.

It’s at this point you ask yourself – can I carry on dating in view of these niggling issues?

When you start a new story you also ignore niggling issues; the male character is a bit of a drip, the opening chapter start sounds a bit dark and your plot has a moon crater sized plot hole which is getting harder to ignore.

It is natural to go on a few dates with someone before the courtship could be established.

These few dates actually determine how the relationship turns out.

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Try Ing your hardest to ignore the niggling issues When you start dating someone you will at first ignore niggling issues; your date’s love of bad jokes, your date’s secret nose picks when they think you aren’t looking, your date’s decision to give themselves a side hair parting on date 3 (without any prior warning to you) and your date’s insistence on talking about themselves for more than ten minutes.

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