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A phrase I know I overuse with the kids I coach is that “our time is precious on that sheet of ice.” Hockey is not like other sports where they can go to a soccer field or shoot hoops at their elementary school until it gets dark. I think all coaches want their players to progress every single time they show up to play a sport or practice an instrument, but I feel a little added pressure when ice time is so sacred.

When I think about myself as an adult learner, I think that same philosophy holds true. Don’t we want to be better teachers, principals, or educators, regardless of our roles, because our time is valuable?

Online information may spark curiosity, and real conversations can take it further.

Engaging in exercise provides older adults with the opportunity to interact with others, increases self-confidence and provides individuals with an opportunity for a more active lifestyle.

Classes range from chair yoga to water aerobics, all taught by certified instructors.

Programs such Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit assist with covering costs of membership by providing a reduced rate for those currently covered under Medicare.

One of the benefits of strength building is improved balance and coordination; both fundamental in preventing falls for older Americans.

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans aged 65 and older will experience a fall that results in a fatality or serious injury.

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I always look forward to these walks because of the spontaneous conversations that tend to get pretty heavy pretty quickly, but I didn’t expect to discuss 9/11, which occurred four years before he was born. Cue the questions about where I was (teaching), where was mom (work), if I could see the smoke from the Pentagon (no), and whether we “got the bad guys” afterwards. This is pretty complicated and kinda hard to explain to a 10 year old.” The thing is, that 10-minute conversation may have been the springboard for him seeking more information about the world in 2016, sparking his curiosity and making him want to learn more on his own.

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