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—An anonymous man Make-up sex is wild and extremely gratifying sex that people report having experienced after having had an intense fight.Why, in the wake of having had a bitter fight, is everything forgotten, while the couple engage in what many say is amazingly wild and enjoyable sex? Arousal transfer The basic explanation for the excitement in make-up sex is the transfer of the arousal state from one situation to another.The high arousal state associated with the fight is transferred to a high arousal state during the make-up sex.The fantastic sex that ensues is to some extent due to the change in mood and the (at least temporary) relief at reconciliation with the partner, but it is also the result of arousal transfer from the fight to the sex.Another example of such a transfer can occur when we watch certain movies: Our anger toward the villain can easily turn into arousal in the form of underlying happiness upon seeing the villain punished.The great excitement generated by make-up sex can be explained along similar lines.

The exciting nature of "goodbye" sex is due to its unique circumstances: This is the last chance to enjoy sex with each other.'” Emotions are very dynamic and contagious phenomena: They can easily spread from one person to another.(See here.) Thus, when we see a sad person crying, many of us become sad as well.In breakup sex, the excitement stems from experiencing a togetherness that is unconstrained by past and future circumstances.In make-up sex, the excitement stems from overcoming past difficulties and looking positively toward the future.

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The transfer is possible when a change occurs in the focus of attention under different circumstances.