North sound dating

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North sound dating

You’ve got “DJ,” “glamorous,” “writing,” “hoodie,” “hipsters” and “psychiatrist.” You’ve also got a lot of music genres like “electro” and “noise.” Du Bois: In New Jersey, some of them make complete sense.Atlantic City is “boardwalk,” and Trenton is “train.” Anyone could’ve figured those out. In the end, I didn’t really do the project for people to find their renamed hometown.Protected all around by islets and reefs, North Sound is a microcosm of the BVI, featuring great snorkeling spots, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant yachting community.Seafarers have been visiting North Sound dating back hundreds of years, including Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins.You’ve got words like “cowardice,” “combustible” and “insubordinate” — they just pop up because more than one person in that zip code used that word in their profile.Du Bois: North Brooklyn is one of the more interesting maps, because it really illustrates the culture that’s taken root there.Du Bois: With some of the maps, the words are so obvious they’re almost painful.Los Angeles’ word is “acting.” And all around the area, you’ve got all these Hollywood words like “director,” “film,” “blonde” and “career.” Du Bois: New York City’s word is “now.” That’s not only impatience — it’s also, “Now, I’m working as a waiter, but really I’m an actor.” Albany is “assembly,” and Rochester is “Xerox,” one of the companies that dominated the area for years. They’re the names of clubs or bars — places you like to go or things you like to do.

The city of Redmond, Washington, where Microsoft is based, has a less lyrical word: “email.” Du Bois: This project was an interesting way to create a psychogeography for different parts of the US.For more information on Virgin Gorda and the BVI, click here.Every ten years, the US government takes a national census to find out who lives where, what they do for work, the languages they speak and more.Luke Du Bois (TED Talk: Insightful human portraits made from data) decided to make his own survey of the country.Du Bois gathered his data by creating profiles on 21 different online dating services, across every zip code in America.

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Don’t miss the trip to Spanish Town to sample Virgin Gorda’s local cuisine and culture.