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At least with a doctor, you could still talk about your day and have your partner understand it, but leave the field open to talk about things outside of work since they are completely different jobs.That said, you'd have to be sure of who you're with and that the mutual respect is there.Do you feel like you can relate and understand the varying stages of medical training? My gf soon to be wife is studying to become a radiologist and im finishing my last semester for nursing. Our hangouts were literally just hitting the books.Quite the stressful relationship but we still made it out I think that you should be able to relate to each other just fine--MDs and RNs work closely in the same field after all, its just not the same profession.Some doctors look down on nurses similar to how some nurses look down on CNAs. We are long distance for the year during his fellowship which is actually working out very well for the year even though we are 3,000 miles apart.Obviously this would be a shitty person to be with since they probably wouldn't be inclined to take your career/venting sessions seriously. We both have busy schedules but we both made sacrifices for dates and stuff during the early stages of our relationship.I will be finishing up with nursing school this upcoming year.

How is your relationship being married to a doctor? Also, if it makes any difference, far off into the future I will probably go into advance practice nursing and get a DNP of some sort.It's similar language that you will be speaking.That said, follow the principles that you would to have any healthy relationship and this should be no different.Med student here: You won't be able to 100% understand the demands of school/residency, and they're worlds apart from the demands of undergrad, but that isn't really very detrimental to a relationship.If you're an empathetic person and you guys have good communication, you can make it work.

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Try to get a job working 3 12s on a big unit because it will be flexible for having days off and switches.

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