Ny state sex chat room

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Ny state sex chat room

The problem the legislation seeks to address is poorly understood; as a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme is misguided.The sponsor’s memorandum accompanying the e-STOP legislation speaks of a grave security risk posed by predators who utilize the internet to perpetrate sex crimes.This provision is based upon the assumption that all registered offenders are, to use the bill’s generic term, “predators.” This supposition is demonstrably false; nevertheless this bill will authorize the state to turn over to private internet service providers the personal identifiers of every individual registered under New York’s sex offender registry with the clear intention that such persons shall be barred or restricted from access to the internet.As a policy matter, this measure drops all pretense of tailoring the provisions of e-STOP to regulating the conduct of individuals who pose a risk of recidivism or for whom the anonymity of the internet may serve as a disinhibitor.This assertion is dubious; recent analyses indicate the alleged problem is greatly exaggerated.Those concerned the internet is facilitating the commission of sex crimes often cite a study by the Crimes Against Children Research Center, which found that one in seven children had received sexual solicitations while on-line.The bill’s principal focus is the prevention of sex crimes against minors who access social networking websites.The state has a compelling interest in preventing sex offenses.

Recidivism rates among registered sex offenders offer further evidence that the risk of harm posed by registered offenders is greatly overstated.The law would also make criminal the mere act of viewing the My Space web site, even if done with the intent to learn about social or political events.As a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme fails to pass constitutional muster.2007 Subject: A.9859 (Lentol) / S.6875 (Skelos) (AN ACT to amend the correction law, the penal law, the executive law and the state finance law, in relation to the protection of people who use internet services from convicted sex offenders).Position: OPPOSED This legislation proposes a broad regulatory scheme that is intended to address the “clear and present danger” posed by “sexual predator[s]” who engage in communication via the internet.

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The proposed law would authorize the state to provide private internet entities with electronic identifiers – user names, e-mail addresses, access providers – for all registered offenders so that internet entities may bar access to internet services and advise government entities, including law enforcement of “potential . These restrictions prohibit registered sex offenders from using the internet to access pornographic material and commercial social networking websites; to communicate with other individuals or groups for the purpose of promoting sexual relations with persons under the age of eighteen; or to communicate with a person under the age of eighteen when such offenders are over the age of eighteen.

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