Online dating attached online dating chat with singles nearby

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Online dating attached

I guess they didn't just poll people in New York, then.

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This means that, for those of you dating online, love is possible. Though two-thirds of the 15 percent who have tried online dating have carried it all the way to fruition — that is, they actually met someone, face to face, that they contacted via an online dating site or app — a third of those who have tried Internet dating left things where they started, and never made a real date.

This is a change from 2005 — back then, only 43 percent who had tried a dating site had gone out and met one of those potential mates at a coffee shop or whatever — but it's still pretty low.

Guess there are still a lot of trolls on the Internet, even on dating apps. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

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