Online dating marriage statistics australia

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Online dating marriage statistics australia

Well, the Census shows that there has only been a marginal increase in those divorced or separated, 11.7% versus 11.5%. Regarding other changes to household relations, trying before buying is on the increase with couples more likely to be living together in de facto relationships (16.1%) compared to 2011 (15.5%).

However, it appears for those nearing retirement or already retired, the likelihood of being divorced has increased. In addition, same sex couples have also increased, now representing 1% of all couples who live together, up from 0.7% in 2011.

By this age, divorces start to rise especially amongst women.

By the late 40s, the excess of divorced women to men peaks and then begins to decline. Post retirement age, as women tend to live longer than men, the growth in female widows grows considerably.

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In 2016, 35.0% of all Australians 15 years and over had never been married, compared to 34.3% in 2011.