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Open dating used by

Data collected from these kinds of open marriages may not generalize to other kinds of open relationships.For example, cohabiting couples tend to show higher levels of involvement in extra-relational intimacy compared to married couples.The logic that underlies this was that a person of the same sex as themselves could meet similar needs and thus replace them.A person of the opposite sex would not compete in this way, satisfying a different set of needs for their partner." (Weinberg, Williams, & Pryor, 1995, page 108) People who experience normal jealousy have at least nine strategies for coping with jealousy.

There are variant forms of open marriage (such as swinging and polyamory), each with the partners having varying levels of input on their spouse's activities.Through the 1960s, researchers used "closed marriage" to indicate the practices of communities and cultures where individuals were intended to marry based upon social conventions and proscriptions, and "open marriage" where individuals had the ability to make their own choice of spouse.Nena O'Neill and George O'Neill changed the meaning of the term with the 1972 publication of their book Open Marriage.It is a form of consensual non-monogamy (open marriage).There is a lack of content regarding studies and educational programming in open marriage and diverse relationship structures The term open marriage originated in sociology and anthropology.

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I don't think we ever saw it as a concept for the majority, and certainly it has not proved to be." There are definitional issues that complicate attempts to determine the actual incidence of open marriage.

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