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Option backdating board interlocks

Specifically we examine how peer groups are selected and how they influence CEO pay.One hypothesis is that A contrasting view is that peer groups are chosen to provide an accurate benchmark for determining the appropriate pay level that is necessary to both retain and motivate the CEO.

For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .We find that for collars and forwards insiders hedge a third of their ownership on average and tend to do so before declines in the firms stock price.Insiders tend to hedge less of their ownership with exchange funds and do not appear to use these prior to a decline in stock price.Previously, companies understandably could have thought that questions about backdating were limited to a handful of companies and, thus, no action was required. The new study suggests that the problem is so prolific that it cannot be ignored, particularly in view of the stakes.If a company discovers a problem it has the opportunity to take control of the situation and expeditiously resolve it.

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A new study by finance professors suggests that the backdating of stock options may be a much more wide-spread practice than once thought.