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The Muslims seek to establish an independent Islamic province in Mindanao to be named Bangsamoro.

In , the Maradika Qur'an of Bayang was declared as a National Cultural Treasure, the first Islamic manuscript in the Philippines to be declared as such.Dahil nagbanta si Fatima na aalisin ang takip ng kanyang buhok, si Abu Bakr ay umatras. Other related issue with the Moro secession is the territorial dispute of eastern Sabah in Malaysia which claimed by the Sultanate of Sulu as their territory.In , Maimbung was officially designated as the royal capital of the Sultanate of Sulu by the remaining members of the Sulu royal family.And what software does Hillary's private server run?The term Bangsamoro is a combination of an Old Malay word meaning nation or state with the Spanish word Moro which means Muslim.

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