Paralegal dating defendant

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The plaintiff did not present any evidence at trial that Keller knew or should have known that Uzan would bring a twelve year-old girl, with no connection to the dry cleaners, to Keller’s place of business when it was closed and then sexually assaulted there., liability is established when the plaintiff must prove the employer has a duty to prevent an unreasonable risk of harm to third persons to whom the employer knows or should have known that the employee would cause harm.It's not unethical for the attorney, as in lawyer in some state's bar association to date his paralegal assistant.

POAs can also usually be drafted by the person signing it (but not by the person who is receiving the power of attorney), since in most instances it is authorized to practice…

Your state board is who you will need to contact to report any malpractice. Should the state board find that your attorney acted in an unethical manner, they will then fine the attorney or revoke/suspend their license to practice law.

As the name implies, an attorney that specializes in whistle blowing typically goes after companies or businesses that are unethical or illegal in their business practices.

I have never heard of someone obtaining a paralegal "degree." In any event, a paralegal will have to complete three years of law school, just like everyone else, write the Bar Exams, and be called to the Bar. A paralegal is a position who works to assist an attorney.

In a lose analogy, a paralegal and a lawyer are similar to a nurse and a doctor.

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A paralegal is a somewhat elevated administrative assistant that helps an attorney do some of the 'grunt work' that is involved with the legal process.

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