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After completing the login form please click the profile login button to enter our chat room on i Webcam Chat Network which you may visit through Yap Chat's chat room.To view the chat room options please click the rooms list at the upper right of the chat.(1994 edition ready in March) Rare British Butterflies Updated list of exceptional rarities, historic specimens and abberations.Over the years the AES Annual Exhibition has been a strong stimulus to the membership.

Geoff Number: Pages 392: 48 Author Hay, John Baker, Charles Barclay, Maxwell Batty, Paul W.397: 250 395: 191 393: 53-4 395: 156 393: 67 392: 33; 393: 61-7, 71-3, 84-5 Campbell, Stuart 394 140-1 Caswell, W.Idle meanderings on how we measure insects 396: 217-21 Mercury vapour electrical components 394: 140 6 Safety information for entomologists 395: 167-8 Uncle Paddy's magic bucket 396: 208 Exhibitions Butterfly festival 1994 393: 87-8 Correction to exhibition report 1993 397: 266 Exhibition report 1993 395: 169-82 1993 Paris insect exhibition 393: 84-5 Russian bugs at Booth Museum 393: 70 Sixieme salon international de I'insecte, Paris 393: 82-3 Wanted 396: 216 Expeditions Expedition Advisory Centre and its services 392: 42 Fossil insects Russian bugs at Booth Museum 393: 70 France Beginnings of an amateur entomologist in south-west France 396: 206-8 French insects protected 393: 83 Lost England or Paradise found?Pittaway] 392: 9 Illustrated encyclopedia of butterflies and moths [V.Stanek] 392: 22 Insect and spider collections of the world [Ross H.

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Quite a number found them stimulating enough to plan their own safaris: others who could no longer indulge themselves had their memories kindled by Peter's pen.

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