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Some patent numbers, as displayed in the table, are 7 characters with the numeric portion padded with leading zeroes. Therefore, the number of patents granted during a year cannot be determined by simply subtracting the number of the first patent issued in one year from the number of the first patent issued in the next year.The user should note that while the data in this table have been checked, it still is possible that inadvertent errors remain. patent search, a patent number search searches for a single patent by its corresponding number.For a utility patent, a patent number typically will be in the millions (e.g. For a design patent, a patent number typically will be in the hundreds of thousands and will start with the letter “D” or the letters “Des.” (e.g. There are two very good online databases to search for patent numbers: A “patent application number search” is similar to a patent number search except you are searching for a published patent applications (many patent applications are not published and cannot be searched).

They molded this notation on the stems so that the dispensers would comply with the United States import regulations.The following table displays the calendar year along with the first corresponding document number issued in each year for selected patent document types (utility, design, plant, and reissue patents and statutory invention registrations) (*) The current patent numbering system began with a patent issued on July 13, 1836.Prior to that date, an estimated 9,957 patents had been issued.A detailed Patent Technology Monitoring Team report, titled Issue Dates and Patent Numbers Since 1836, which contains first patent numbers and the day of issue for patents issued since 1963, also may be of interest. Patent and Trademark Office Electronic Information Products Division - PTMT P.In addition, the Patent and Trademark Office has a file that lists all patent numbers and their associated dates of grant. See the link labeled, "Click here to download the zipped Patent Grant Authority Files". O Box 1450 Alexandria VA 22313-1450 tel: (571) 272-5600 fax: (571) 273-0110 email: [email protected] of PTMT pages at the USPTO Web Site: PTMT files available for download at : Is there a question about what the USPTO can or cannot do that you cannot find an answer for?

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