Paula patton and robin thicke dating since

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“Obviously there’s three sides to every story and I’m not pointing the finger or saying anyone’s wrong, but we were definitely separated before I moved on,” he explained. ”is currently the happiest when she is offscreen — and Zach may have to do with that.

Traffik She added, “This is my first boyfriend since I’ve been divorced and, I don’t know, I love him and I’m happy. The mom of one to 8-year-old son Julian with ex-husband Thicke has been dating her new man for the last month." data-reactid="47"Patton told PEOPLE that she is currently the happiest when she is offscreen — and Zach may have to do with that.

Then, slowly but surely, she set about rebuilding her life."I mean, the honest truth is it has been challenging, but it's been a year of growth, lots of healing, learning about all new things, but I've come out of it stronger," Patton said on A snapshot of Patton's life now reveals a happy single mom who just shot a movie with Michael Caine and Russell Brandand who prefers to keep a low profile if she has no pressing promotional tour or other claim on her time.

off of Twitter in the wake of her separation, returning in December 2016 apologizing for her absence and thanking everyone who was still interested in what she was up to for their support.

In July 2014, Thicke said on New York's Hot 97 that he hadn't seen Patton in four months.“Can’t complain about Robin if you’re doing the same to another woman,” another posted. After her world as she knew it imploded almost five years ago, Paula Pattonhad to chart a new course on her own for the first time in her adult life.This man was already living in a different home.” Still, the public continues to weigh in on her relationship, even in the wake of her clarification.“I clearly understand what she is saying and agree to an extent, but I’d wait until he has those papers in hand,” a Facebook user said.

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Luckily, she had a few guiding lights, particularly her son Julian.