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Picture dating scan

There is a slight difference in the detection rate between the combined test (the nuchal scan combined with a blood test) and the quad test (solely a blood test) of around 4% with the combined test having a higher detection rate of 86%.The combined test can only be done between 11 weeks and 2 days and 14 and 1 day and does include a blood test it is not just a nuchal translucency or NT scan.The sonographer was able to show us the view of the soles of the feet. I can’t begin to think how tiny they must have been (given that Little One is only about 10cm crown to rump). On the down side we were informed that Little One was too old for a nuchal scan and we were told we would have to have a quad test if we wanted to assess our Downs risk.

Having a full bladder makes it easier for the sonographer to see your baby so it is important to try and drink plenty before you attend for this scan.

We bought three scan pictures, one for each set of grandparents (who still don’t know about Little One) and one for us. I hope they’re right about the dates and I don’t just have a kid with a particularly big head (ouch)!

Clinical Comment Simon Mehigan Consultant Midwife How exciting it is to see your baby for the first time.

We will try and obtain a good picture, however, babies do move frequently and it is not always possible to see them clearly.

Patients should ask the sonographer at the beginning of the examination if they are interested in having a picture. – We cannot always tell the sex of a baby, but if patient’s wish to know, they should ask the sonographer.

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– Sometimes babies lie in awkward positions and it is not always possible to see everything clearly, so patients may be asked to return at a later date.

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