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British General Edward Braddock was dispatched with Major George Washington as his aide to take Fort Duquesne.The British and colonial force were defeated at Braddock's Field.Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) at the source of the Ohio River became the main base for settlers moving into the Northwest Territory.The War of 1812 cut off the supply of British goods, stimulating American industry.During this period, the powerful nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, based in New York, had maintained control of much of the Ohio Valley as hunting grounds by right of conquest after defeating other tribes.

Fort Pitt is notable as the site of an early use of smallpox for biological warfare.

It was served by numerous river steamboats, that increased trading traffic on the rivers.

In the 1830s, many Welsh people from the Merthyr steelworks immigrated to the city following the aftermath of the Merthyr Rising.

On March 8, 1771, Bedford County, Pennsylvania was created to govern the frontier.

On April 16, 1771, the city's first civilian local government was created as Pitt Township.

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The French built Fort Duquesne based on La Salle's 1669 claims.

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