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The “icebreaker/build interest” category is questions I found or adapted from the lists I mentioned earlier and that sounded like good ways to get a person to open up a bit.(I inserted “best” instead of “worst” on the third one, I think it’s more fun to think about positives.) The others are as discussed above (I decided the best way to deal with “smoker?One of the ways that people go about meeting new people with whom they may eventually form romantic/sexual relationships, is to meet lots of them in a short space of time at a speed dating event.Where I was living before, this was not a realistic option for me because of remoteness and poor transport links, and I don’t drive (I have a provisional licence, but it’s never been a major imperative to finish learning).As noted yesterday, I am “a somewhat lonely, somewhat het (although not exclusively so), somewhat socially awkward, somewhat male (although again, not exclusively so) individual of (at least apparently) the species homo sapiens“.

Therefore, some kind of prep work is going to be necessary to give myself the best chance of meeting someone who could fit well into my social-emotional-romantic life.Square brackets indicate what point I think the question would help reveal.I have another category of “general compatibility” (things like “night owl” or “early bird” and so on) that doesn’t need comment here.Given these clear criteria for “the sort of woman I want to meet”, my next step was to find out how you go about assessing these qualities. ” then women who think men are afraid of feminists will say “no” whereas women who think I am into feminism will answer “yes”, regardless of the true value – although I would expect a feminist-leaning woman would be more likely to say “yes” even if she thought I would be turned off by it). Some of them gave me the hints I used to construct some questions that I felt might get me the information I wanted without being too blunt, “job-interviewer” or otherwise un-fun.It seemed to me to be quite blunt to try asking up-front about them: it’s not, after all, a job interview or “elevator pitch”. Not to mention, if you ask up-front, then people will tend to say what they think you want to hear (e.g. So, here for your entertainment and feedback, are the questions I concocted.

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Icebreaker/Build Interest: Of course, some of the advice says not to talk about politics, but it’s a big filter for me, and some of those points are directly involved with my sexual interest (as in, I’m not completely het or cis so she had better be okay with LGBTQ folks, and I just have so much more confidence when a feminist/”not-a-feminist-but” says “yes”).

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