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Not sure I buy his story given my interactions with him in the past. I married into a super rich family and my wife and I don't use that to our advantage at all. It doesn't sound like he put forth an effort to find new experiences that she hadn't been through, be it hiking in the alps rather than staying at a resort, or going to an eco-lodge in the forests of Belize rather than a nice beach house.

The thing is the post probably wouldn't have been as popular if OP had worded it "Guy tells a story about dating a super rich girl and it wasn't all that great"Incorporate a circlejerking topic ("SNOBBY BITCHES SUCK/FUCK RICH PEOPLE" in this case) into a title, whether or not it exists in the article, and watch the sweet sweet karma flow I've dated a girl whose daddy was near billionaire rich, and she was as thrill seeking and adventurous as any girl I've ever been with, and very much down to earth. It follows the mindset that pictures lose their allure while memories last forever.

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I think you missed this paragraph:"I'm not suggesting this is OP, or all rich girls for that matter. But I shouldn't have been surprised, all super rich girls are like that, like the other one I dated that broke up with me. It really really sucked dating that super rich girl, that's why I stayed with her for 3 years."Love at first sight that sends shivers down your spine is a fairy tale, and it doesn't last forever." You know what is forever, though? He watched his classmates hook up, but was too shy to do it himself, "Even after graduating from MIT and earning a six-figure salary." Which kinda goes to show money isn't everything?!Still, he came to believe -- as he put it last year while promoting his gifting app Carrot -- that "women love presents like dogs love treats." (Hey, you know a pretty good way to repulse women, no matter how much money you have? ) Previously, Wade has suggested that many couples are no different than his millions of "In our society, the dating game is about an exchange of some sort.

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If you met her you would never guess that her family was comically rich.