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Pounce furry dating site

I'll move them into my scraps after a couple of days.

I should clarify that this is by no means all of my unfinished work.

They are evidence of just how much art I'm working on that you guys never tend to see, owing to how bad I am at getting things finished! So in case you missed my last journal, or haven't seen the updates on my new Twitter account (@Rip Roar Rex), I'd like to announce that after more than a year of nigh-on zero activity in the furry fandom... When I say 'back', I don't mean returning to my early fandom days when I was online all the time and churning out new pictures every couple of weeks - with the greatest of intentions, those days are long gone.

However, I'm hopeful that most if not all six of these projects will eventually reappear in my gallery as completed works, so watch this space. But having not uploaded a new piece of artwork since October 2017 and essentially been absent from the fandom ever since, I can say you'll be seeing a bit more of me now - at least for a little while.

Since my re-emergence on Twitter, I've had a lot of people asking me if I'm on Telegram or Discord.

The answer to both is no, but I won't rule out the possibility.

And I don't mean little sections, or blurred teases. #1 - Seb #2 - Brian Griffin (Family Guy) #3 - Jim Crow (Dumbo) #4 - Knuckles the Echidna #5 - Mike #6 - Rocky I've already posted these on my Twitter account earlier this evening (@Rip Roar Rex, if you're not already following me), but I thought I would upload them here for my FA followers too.

I mean actual, proper previews of my incomplete projects. There are six WIP uploads in total featuring an array of characters, including some of my own original cast as well as a number of popular characters.

Rest assured it's not because I'm not bothering with my site anymore - goodness knows I spent long enough coding and designing the damn thing.And I can't deny that I'm just not as strongly into the fandom as I was when I was younger.When it really comes down to it, I still don't quite know where furry truly fits into the kind of life I want long-term. A couple of things I should mention: I haven't yet had opportunity to update my website due to some technical issues (hence the chats with Dinosorceror).By changing that mindset, I know I can open up the possibility of sharing a lot more content.To top it off, I started making plans to update my website in preparation for a possible comeback, which led to some conversations with dinosorceror (who has very kindly hosted Rip Roar Rex's Realm for me these past 11 years).

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Not the severe kind that should leave anyone worrying about my mental fragility - believe me, it's never been like that - but enough to make me feel like I'll be relieved to see the back of this year more than perhaps any other for quite some time. In turn, last month I mustered up enough motivation to complete a picture for the first time in a year (which I have now uploaded here).