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I cannot believe such utter rubbish is being written." Friends close to Preity say she has always been honest about her personal life and values her dignity.It is unfair to her when such allegations are spread without even cross-checking with her.When I read about Bobby Deol and the 'other woman', I somehow thought it was about Prerna Goel. It's probably a mixture of those things: staying back for the kids, not wanting to give up social status.And the upper circles are not as liberal as they pretend to be.While the two got along like a house on fire during the event, Ness Wadia was conspicuous by his absence.Before marriage, Vikram has been known to date some of the hottest international models.Rumor has it that Chatwal flew Li Lo to New York this week on his private jet and has her staying in the penthouse of one of his hotels.

Below, more about Chatwal and another hotelier famous ladies want to make their own personal Conrad Hilton. Chatwal opened his first hotel in 1999, when he was just 28 years old. She's extremely upset with the recent reports of a link-up with New York-based hotelier Vikram Chatwal.Preity clarifies, "These rumours are in bad taste and completely baseless.Yes, they have money, but they are still very conservative. i guess bobby doesn't want to let go of the unexpected lottery and tanya doesn't want to let go of the filmy status, connections, friends and parties.... Though one would think that if Kids were a priority then a) you won't cheat on their mother b) you would dump the lousy husband so as to make sure that your sons grow up respecting women and don't think that this kind of marriage is perfectly fine.has a new love interest'hotelier and general richie richster Vikram Chatwal.

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"Eventually, she and Andre snuck out to the smoking deck together and were hugging and being touchy.

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