Preparing storing beyond use dating of buffered lidocaine Bi sexmale chat

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Preparing storing beyond use dating of buffered lidocaine

Overview of Sterile Compounding and the Role of the C. Since the inner lining of a vein is relativelyinsensitive to pain, drugs that can be irritating if given by another route can be givenintravenously as a slow rate without causing pain.

2Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Table of Contents I. If someonecannot take medication by mouth because he is unconscious or vomiting, thenintravenous administration is the best route.

• Knowledge of established procedures for assigning beyond-use dates that exceed the manufacturer labeled expiration dates.

The level of difficulty of preparing the compounding prescriptions is determined by thephysical properties of the drug being prescribed and the dosage form desired either by theprescriber or patient.

The ultimate responsibility rests with the licensedpharmacist. Sterile Preparation Formulations The objective of formulating and compounding sterile preparations is to provide a dosageform of a labeled drug, in the stated potency, that is safe to use if administered properly.3This section will explore the professional standards and operating procedures that shouldbe followed during formulation and compounding.

The components, containers, andclosures also are described, as well as the physiologic and physical norms of preparingformulations for parenteral and ophthalmic use.

0096-9999-09-020-H04-T Total number of pharmacy continuing education hours: 6 hours (0.6 CEU’s) Release Date: 4/6/2009 Expiration Date: 4/6/2012 Course Cost: .00 (to be paid at time of testing) Average time to Complete: Approximately Six hours including testing Course Value: Six Contact Hours Reading: 52 Pages Final Exam: 50 Questions Completion Requirements: Answer 70% of question correctly Complete Evaluation Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Course Objectives 1. Infusions are given to overcomedehydration, to build up depleted blood volumes, and to serve as an aid for theadministration of medications.

The second type of administration is an IV infusion.

One point which must always be remembered, the pharmacist maintains controlover all pharmacy activities.

Describe some of the issues related to large volume parenteral solutions. Describe some of the issues related to small volume parenteral solutions. Discuss the equipment and facilities related to sterile preparations. Review the procedures related to sterile compounding. Discuss the procedure related to proper aseptic technique. Review quality control procedures related to sterile preparations. There are no barriers like skin ormuscle to absorb the drug first, which allow the most rapid onset of action.

Intravenous Administration Intravenous administration of drugs has advantages over other routes of administrationbecause it provides the fastest route to the bloodstream.

This course is not designed to take theplace of a formal education either in institutional settings or academic programs.

It ismerely a review of compounding practices for pharmacy technicians who are currentlyworking in this area of the pharmacy or for technicians who would like to know moreabout the processes.

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• A combination therapy that a prescriber desires, but that is not currently commercially available.

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