Pros and cons updating to cs4

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Pros and cons updating to cs4

Use grouped buttons when you need to capture a selection from a list of options.

A simple example involves a series of radio buttons allowing the visitor to choose their salutation (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) in a form.

Generally speaking, you use push buttons to create common controls when you simply need to capture a click event.

For example, push buttons are the ideal choice if you need to turn an icon or a text field into a button, or if you need to create an invisible button as a hotspot.

When you click a toggle button, it visually remains in the selected state until another click toggles the button back to its default state.

Toggle buttons have the benefit of saving their selected state but they don't interact with other buttons without additional support.

Understanding the types of buttons available and how to use them opens up possibilities for creating engaging user interfaces.

I like to organize button functionality into three categories: push buttons, toggle buttons, and grouped buttons.

Push buttons are the simplest and most common type of Flash button.

It's best to expose a short list of options like this in a radio group.

The radio group should always display a default selection.

The buttons behave as a group, so making a new selection automatically deselects the old selection.

Grouped buttons have the benefit of saving the selected state in a group of buttons but they are more complex to set up.

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The structure of a button can be as simple as a single frame containing a graphic, or as complex as an animation that plays within a button's timeline.