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Occasionally, the bachelor would ask questions to three bachelorettes.For this revival's first season, two formats were used.But don't tell us if you're single or taken just yet, because we're about to guess your relationship status with this dating quiz.If you've been having some trouble scoring a date with that special someone, we've got some advice for you.“The Dating Game” is a game appropriate for actors with at least some character experience, and is a fun game for an audience to watch.Follow these instructions to learn the rules of the game.

We could sit here all day and talk about dating, but instead, we're going to put you in the hot seat now with this dating quiz! From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, How Stuff Works Play offers something for everyone. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox.

Choose an actor to play a bachelor or bachelorette.

If your bachelorette is not very experienced, have her prepare a few questions in advance to ask her potential dates.

After a round of questioning, the bachelor/bachelorette chose their date.

All three of the potential dates had their names revealed before the questioning started as well, something that wasn't done on any version of TDG prior.

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For extra effect, you may opt to have all the actors stand in a line and blow a big kiss to the crowd like in the 1970s dating game TV show.