Radgrid not updating

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Radgrid not updating

Remember to set the Update Mode to Conditional, otherwise the Update Panel will always be refreshed, not only when there is a postback inside or when a trigger fires.

NET AJAX), thus by-passing the standard event lifecycle of the page and avoiding execution of code logic which is not "connected" to the grid data population." And don't be fooled by the images of the control themself if you look at the code when there is a checkbox in the listview sample screenshot, the checkbox is actually an image. Those kind of things makes me very sad to stay polite Edit : actually, the documentation remains quite good. The key to the advanced data binding of a Rad Grid control is handling the Need Data Source event.Rad Grid fires the Need Data Source event each time it needs to be bound to a data source.

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If you use an observable Array, it’s suppose to update the list for you.

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