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Radiocarbon dating pollen

Pollen samples from 3 tidal wetlands were taken from levels dated with 137Cs and 210Pb profiles.

Pollen dates from 2 additional wetlands were compared with 14C dates of botanical macrofossils.

John An, Zhisheng De Deckker, Patrick Liu, Zhengyu Liu, Xiaodong Lu, Xuefeng Donahue, Douglas Jull, A. Terrestrial evidence for a spatial structure of tropical–polar interconnections during the Younger Dryas episode. Environmental and Climatic Change as Recorded in Geological Sediments from the Arid to Semi-Arid Zone of China. A new flow cytometry method enabling rapid purification of fossil pollen from terrestrial sediments for AMS radiocarbon dating. Dating pollen concentrates from the various profiles indicates paleomonsoon precipitation variability at the loess/desert transitional belt from the late Pleistocene to the early Holocene. We suggest that the reliability of pollen dating can be evaluated by comparison with wood cellulose or charcoal ages from the same stratigraphic level.

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