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In 1999, Kim moved to Seoul to attend college at the prestigious Seoul National University, where she became the president of the SNU Women's Ski Club.In 2005, she graduated from SNU with a bachelor's degree in fashion design.As for Rain, he is starring in biographical drama "Uhm Bok-dong" about the titular famed cyclist.Kim Tae-hee was born on 29 March 1980 in Ulsan, South Korea.Rain was in the US in late January for final filming on the Hollywood flick.So it’s no surprise that in early February Rain was recognized visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of LA with Kim Tae Hee in tow having a genuine couple’s day out.

I want to reveal my baby, but I feel it could come back as a knife later." "In the future, I plan to keep a wall between work and family. Having a family doesn't affect the kinds of projects I choose, but I don't want to open up about my family," he added.I guess that means no wedding bells until at least another year of dating if not more. Ace Showbiz - Another baby is on the way for Rain and Kim Tae Hee.Her father is Kim Yoo Moon, who established and is chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company in 1984.She is often involved in various charities to help out underserved youths and broken families in the Ulsan area.

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I think they are adorable together and Kim Tae Hee has tried in subtle ways to sensibly dispel what people think about them as a couple.

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