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You will still get laid with Thai women if you are a darker-skinned guys who is in shape and well dressed—but you might get bitter seeing pigeon-chested, pale dorks get treated like Thor while you get ignored.

But one visit to Thailand and having a Thai girlfriend for 6 months gave me a shot of yellow fever that I’m still infected with.In terms of complexion, Thai people are slightly darker than Japanese, Chinese and Korean, for example.This is a good thing for caucasian guys because Thai girls worship white skin.Just as I recommended Peruvian women as the optimal starting point for any international playboy aiming to crack the code of Latina girls, Thailand women are a similarly easy intro to dating Asian women.The Philippines are also a pretty good in this regard but Thailand has better infrastructure and is more tourist/expat friendly.

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On all my travels around the world over the past decade, Thai women nudge ahead of Mexicans as the friendliest and most generous girls I’ve met.