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The daughter would either respond by living up to the father’s expectation and even actually living her father’s unfinished dreams; or rebel.

There are fathers who wanted a son but ended up getting a daughter.

Internal factors include such traits as the overall financial strength rating of the bank – a risk measure illustrating the probability that the institution will require external monetary support (Moody's implements a scale where A corresponds with a financially healthy bank, and E resembles a weak one).

The rating depends on the financial statements of the firm under analysis and the corresponding financial ratios.

Generally, a "AAA" high-grade rated bond offers more security and a lower profit potential (lower yield) than a "B-" rated speculative bond.

For a financial institution, ratings are developed based on specific intrinsic and external influences.

Overall, the art of bond rating extends beyond simple ratio analysis and a quick look at a firm's balance sheet.

Different measures are used for different industries, and other external influences play a range of roles in the intricate process.

A good example of non-investment grade bond can be seen with the S&P's stance on Southwestern Energy Company, which was given a rating of "BB " bond rating and negative outlook.That is, the rating greatly influences interest rates, investment appetite, and bond pricing.Furthermore, the independent rating agencies issue ratings based on future expectations and outlook.He took the name from a play in ancient Greece called Oedipus Rex.In the play, a fortune teller predicts that the baby Oedipus will someday marry his mother and kill his father.

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A forecasted top-down approach of the overall economic conditions, an in-depth bottom-up procedure of security specifics, along with statistical distribution estimates of the probability of default and loss severity provides investors with a few simple standardized letters to help quantify their investment.

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