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Risks of sedating a toddler

mainly due to the increased training and licensing requirements for the sedation dentist, and the need of a second trained person to be present during the procedure for monitoring the patient. Due to the dentist licensing restrictions and advanced training required, IV sedation is not as commonly available as other conscious sedation techniques such as oral sedation.

You ask a reputable doctor for info on drugs to sedate your kid for your personal convenience, and you may end up with a referral to Child Protective Services.

Formation may occur at cannulation, as a result of multiple vein wall punctures or when the cannula is removed as a result of insufficient pressure being applied to the site. The amnesic effect of iv sedative medications is a common side effect of diazepines considered as a benefit from most patients who do not want to remember the traumatic details of an invasive dental treatment.

And I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was actually advocating for the use of Benadryl for anyone.Some of them are common with other sedation methods, while some are specifically related with the intravenous administration of the sedative medications.The main risks and possible side effects of IV dental sedation include: Over-sedation.The risk is much higher in case of over-sedation, if the patient falls into deep sedation.The breathing function and the oxygen saturation in the blood must be monitored continuously by clinical observation and by using a pulse oximeter.

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It's incredibly shortsighted to punish parents just for asking such a question. It would take a pretty awful pediatrician to write such a referral for a parent who simply asks if an over-the-counter drug that is specifically marketed for children (children's Benadryl) is safe to use on an airplane.