Rob brown dating

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Rob brown dating

"She knew of him before he got any wind of fame from Gigi is definitely interested in Tyler." Keep in mind that Cameron is managed by both Next Model Management and Soul Artist MGMT, and he is also represented by Innovative Artists, which means he's actually legit — and this all happened before .

The source later added, "Tyler is single and is going to date around.

I was almost surprised that he was so willing to go on a date with Brown after her engagement to Wyatt was called off — but believe me, I was all for it.

And while I also understand why Brown was so upset to hear about a potential romance between Cameron and Hadid, Cameron's recent comments have given me hope that this might just all be a big misunderstanding.

Sorry, Gigi — as much as I love you, I'm an OG Tyler and Hannah fan and really just need you to step aside.

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As I'm sure you've heard, just two days after his drinks date with Brown (which seems to have gone pretty well, considering he spent the night), Cameron was spotted on a date with Hadid.

But don't give up yet, Tyler and Hannah stans — Tyler Cameron's quote about Hannah Brown after dating Gigi Hadid makes me believe that these two still have a chance of working things out. He got his heart broken by Brown on a reality TV show, which is, you know, not great.

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