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Since it adds a more formal touch to the watch, the Jubilee bracelet has mostly remained as an option in the Datejust collection of dress watches.

However, since the late 1950s, the GMT-Master is the only Rolex sports watch that is also available with the Jubilee bracelet.

The Jubilee bracelet is fitted with an Oysterclasp or a Crownclasp.

The style of the Jubilee bracelet links has changed over the years, but they can be categorized into four main styles and there’s an interesting design detail to note depending on where the bracelets were made.

These days, Rolex offers leather bands sparingly, on a few select Day-Date, Sky-Dweller, and Daytona models, as well as within the Cellini collection.

However, it is worth noting that leather straps are a popular option in the Rolex enthusiast community with many collectors fitting their own Rolex timepieces with leather bands.

Next in line was the folded link Oyster bracelet with metal pieces that are folded several times to form the link and hidden pins.

Finally, came the solid link Oyster bracelet style, which is what we see continue to see on current Rolex watches.

It is clear that Rolex takes this approach with their bracelets—modern versions are similar in style to their vintage counterparts, yet boast enhanced engineering.

Aside from the modern and robust design of the Bonklip, the bracelet was also appealing for its ability to extend, thus able to fit a range of wrist sizes very comfortably.

The design of the Gay Frères metal bands produced for Rolex was the pre-cursor of now-iconic Oyster bracelet.

In 1998, Rolex outright purchased Gay Frères, emphasizing the watchmaker’s focus on vertical integration.

What sets Rolex apart as a watchmaker is the brand’s incredible attention to detail and an obsession with improvement.

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Featuring a three-piece semi-circular link design, the President bracelet has always exclusively been made in precious metals, namely gold and platinum.

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