Rowupdating event in gridview in asp net with c

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Rowupdating event in gridview in asp net with c

However, now I am all confused and lost with the Grid View. In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View. Once, you got the values you just need to send them to the database. Tell me where I have gone wrong and Please suggest some ways to fix this problem. Here, when click Edit button on "C" row, and modified values from f1C to f1CXX; and in the rowupdating method, it is getting f1CXX only... I am getting some problems in the code you posted aslo. Anyway I will check it and sort it out tell you Here is my defaukt1code. (may be some omissions happehed while cut/paste) //default1cs using System; using System. Process Request Main(Boolean include Stages Before Async Point, Boolean include Stages After Async Point) 1724 Just change the "Command Name" property of the "Edit" or "Delete" button from "Edit" to "Editttt" "Delete" to "Deleteee" (or something else which is relevent to you but make sure it is not "Edit" or "Delete").

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I am stuck with a problem where i am unable to find the values of control in row updating event. It keeps in Edit mode with all the text boxes and dropdowns visible.

The code in the bold is where i am unable to get the values. some thing i am doing wrong with grid view thats why unable to get the values. you are using Find Control properly for the template controls. if you are in some way binding it again over a postback you will not get the "new" values from those controls.

For example: if the value of the description was "Hello how are you" and then the users hits Edit and changes this value to " am fine", in the C# file, the value obtained in the string description is still "Hello how are you". Now I moved this binding after querying module into the (! Is Post Back and click edit on the grid I no longer see the grid.

How can I obtain the new value in string description?

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Once I checked Is Post Back in Row Updating event..

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